The Return

It has been way too long since I’ve posted, but that is only because I have not prioritized the gift God has given me.

The last few years have been quite a whirlwind. I was broken and dismantled. Through recovery, Ive begun to reassemble into the man God has always wanted me to be. A very trying time of my life and because of that, I have honestly been afraid to draw. I think this is because I associate drawing with who I used to be, and that scares me. I have to remember though that God gave me a talent and if I don’t use it, it’s somewhat disrespecting Him.

My good friend Chris in my recovery group has been staying on me about drawing. He kept alluding to a Celtic cross or something similar. It took me a few weeks but about a week ago, I felt it was time. I drew this “Triquetra” because it historically represents the Holy Trinity. I handed it to him as a gift and he was really surprised. He and the rest of my recovery group told me it looked like it was printed. Chris had no idea I would gift him with that and it was a cool moment.

Drawing it, I felt that sense of losing time again, in a good way. This was the moment I needed to spark me back to drawing. I don’t know what is to come next, but I am grateful to feel the itch to draw again. I am becoming the better and more while me.


Donald Duck

Finally did some drawing after a long overdue pause. I picked Mr Donald Duck today because I saw on Twitter that it was his 84th Birthday.

I always liked Donald. I remember watching him as a kid and thinking “man, this guy gets so mad” but as I got older I realized he usually had pretty good reasons to be pissed off. Situations and people were just making him go over the edge. I think a lot of people can relate to that lol

I had fun drawing this one. Took about an hour. Sketch then inked with brush pens. Used Copic markers to color. Not happy about smudge around face area that I had to use white out on though…

Happy 7th Birthday Dax!

Wanted to draw something for my son tonight so I drew his favorite character, Luigi. Also haven’t watercolored in a while so got some practice in. Overall not too bad for 1.5 hours of work.

He loved it too by the way 😁

DFRSOB – Still Life of Books

Today I felt like I forced myself to draw which is never ideal for me. My drawing is hard to force out and I end up not liking it which then discourages me.

The task was to draw a still life of a stack of books on a table. Sounds easy enough. The trouble comes in (as it always does for me) in the shading or rendering of the final product. I just cant seem to find the right balance of crosshatching and blend shading. One day I will get it right.

Purpose of the exercise is to draw things as you see them on the plane of vision. The books themselves I feel came out good but I am just not happy with the shading. Crosshatching requires very straight and uniform lines which I simply just cannot seem to wrangle. Perhaps I just need to draw more.

DFRSOB – The Knee/Foot Drawing

Desiree has always told me how gross she thinks feet are and once I drew my own foot I realized she is right.

Exercise here focuses on foreshortening and just flat out drawing what you see. While this is not one of my favorite drawings I do think the foreshortening came out well. My leg seems a bit wider than it should be but thats just me being picky.

DFRSOB – Sighting a Room Corner

As the lessons on perspective continue this one was about sighting out the lines and using the basic unit again. The pantry door was my basic unit because it had a good center placement in the composition and it was easy to relate surroundings to it.

Ive never found my kitchen to be the most exciting subject but I am happy with how this came out.

DFRSOB – Sighting an Open Doorway

Moving on to the third component skill perception of relationships (first was perception of edges, second was perception of spaces), this exercise opens instruction to perspective and proportion which is the bane to any art student. Very complicated skill to learn and master but then again that is why I am here doing these exercises.

Drawing my front door from my hallway isn’t the most exciting subject I’ve drawn but it did teach me how to sight and transfer to my drawing. At some point this should be fairly automatic and I will not have to rely on tools or slow down of sighting when I draw.

This particular drawing I posted on Facebook when I drew it (mid 2016) and I recall my dad telling me how much he liked it despite my ill feelings toward it. He told me people pay money for that kind of art. Needless to say that really boosted my confidence and it now is one of my favorite drawings. Miss you dad.

DFRSOB – Copying a Master Drawing by Van Gogh

The drawing Man, Sitting, Reading a Book by Vincent Van Gogh was the subject of this exercise. Using all of our techniques in the exercises up to this one our task was to simply copy the drawing. Adding to the challenge for this one is the subject size which is different than past exercises.

The author mentions that if you look carefully at your finished product that you will see your personal style. To me mine looks a lot like Van Gogh’s so maybe I’m just an art master too. Just kidding…I can see some of my known tendencies I do when sketching such as over-rendering on some shade spots.

Below is Van Gogh’s version and my version for comparison.

DFRSOB – Negative-Space Drawing of a Sports Photograph

As mentioned in an earlier post, focus on negative spaces in photos can help a lot with foreshortened drawings. The purpose of this exercise is to practice just that with a sports photo.

I chose the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan. This was a pretty fun one to draw and I liked seeing people guess who it was when I showed them. The negative space focus becomes more natural the more you use it. I found it helpful here to define the photo without needing any other details.

DFRSOB – Drawing a Household Object

More practice with negative spaces and the Basic Unit. This time drawn without a “ground” meaning, no background tone. This is so the subject can stand out.

We were able to choose any household object so I chose our wine corker. It looked interesting to me and I was curious how well I might be able to draw it. I used both techniques of negative space and basic unit again and am quite pleased with how this one came out.