DFRSOB – Sighting an Open Doorway

Moving on to the third component skill perception of relationships (first was perception of edges, second was perception of spaces), this exercise opens instruction to perspective and proportion which is the bane to any art student. Very complicated skill to learn and master but then again that is why I am here doing these exercises.

Drawing my front door from my hallway isn’t the most exciting subject I’ve drawn but it did teach me how to sight and transfer to my drawing. At some point this should be fairly automatic and I will not have to rely on tools or slow down of sighting when I draw.

This particular drawing I posted on Facebook when I drew it (mid 2016) and I recall my dad telling me how much he liked it despite my ill feelings toward it. He told me people pay money for that kind of art. Needless to say that really boosted my confidence and it now is one of my favorite drawings. Miss you dad.


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